The RC organized the following panels. Please click on the titles to open a file with the paper titles and authors:





In year when the RC51 was recognized by IPSA, the committee's founders and other members of the association organized and participated in the following panels focused on IPE, which was a main congress theme:

  • Globalization Challenges from the Periphery;
  • Globalization, Governance, and Domestic Politics;
  • Political Consequences of Globalization: Voters, Firms and States;
  • Power Transitions and North-South relations: Challenges in Global Governance;
  • The Political Economy of Development in Latin America after the Washington Consensus.




The University of São Paulo hosted between 16 and 19 February 2011 an joint conference between IPSA and the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). The full program, which delt with issues that the RC51 would later incorporate at its core, can be found here.