55th International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention

26-29 March, Toronto, Canada

As part of IPSA-ISA cooperation agreement, the RC promoted two panels in the conference:

1 ) “Rising Powers New Diplomacy and ‘the Great Rebalancing’”, chaired by Professor Lourdes Sola (University of São Paulo), having as discussant Professor Andrew Hurrell (University of Oxford). The following papers were presented:

  • This Time is Different : The Political Economy of Emergence and the Changing Dimensions of Coalition Politics (Lourdes Sola, University of São Paulo);
  • Realigning development one BRICS (development bank) at time (Tony Spanakos, Montclair State University; Clarity Burke, New York University);
  • Brazil and India: More State to Grow? Maria Antonieta D. T. Lins (University of São Paulo);
  • India's engagement in global economic governance: defensive realism and two-level games (Surupa Gupta, University of Mary Washington).


2 ) “The International Political Economy of Emerging Countries”, chaired by Stephane Paquin (ENAP, Canada), then RC51 vice-chair. He also acted as discussant, providing comments to the following papers:

  • Will Sino-Indian cooperation reshape the world? (Serge Granger, Sherbrooke University);
  • South Africa: what kind of regional player? (Folashade Soule-Kohndou, London School of Economics / CERI - Sciences Po Paris);
  • Emerging powers and institutional trajectories of global governance (Michele Rioux, University of Quebec at Montreal);
  • Great China and East Asia Economic Integration (Christian Deblock and Ting-sheng Lin, University of Quebec at Montreal).



54th International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention

3-6 April, San Francisco, United States

The RC and IPSA promoted the panel "In Quest Of Diffusion Patterns: Emerging Market Democracies And Social Democracies", chaired by Professors Lourdes Sola (University of São Paulo) and Laurence Whitehead (University of Oxford), having as discussants Dr Surupa Gupta (University of Mary Washington) and Dr Tony Spanakos (Montclair State University). The following papers were presented:

  • Foreign capital flows in Brazil and India: tradition vs. liberalization (Maria Antonieta D. T. Lins and Nora Rachman, University of São Paulo);
  • Social Democracy in the Neoliberal Age (Stéphane Paquin, ENAP);
  • Global Dynamics and the matrix of state capacities: emerging market democracies in Latin America (Lourdes Sola, University of São Paulo);
  • Globalization and Democracy in Turkey and its near rim (Gul Turan, President, Turkey-EU Association);
  • Democracy and the management of International Crisis (Laurence Whitehead, University of Oxford).



53th International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention

1-4 April, San Diego, United States

As part of the pre-activities of the RC, some of its founders promoted the panel "Power Transitions and North-South Relations: Challenges in Global Governance", chaired by Professors Lourdes Sola (University of São Paulo) and Laurence  Whitehead (University of Oxford), having as discussant Professor Bertrand Badie (Sciences Po). The following papers were presented:

  • "Left" and "Right" in the Emerging "South": India and Brazil Debate Global Financial Reform (Leslie Elliott Armijo, Portland State University);
  • Responsibilities of Power Transitions: Emerging Powers in the Climate Change Negotiations (Kathryn Hochstetler, Balsillie School of International Affairs; Manjana Milkoreit, University of Waterloo);
  • Power Transitions, North-South Relations and the IMF Reform: Too Little Too Late (Stéphane Paquin, ENAP);
  • Perspectives on Global Financial and Monetary Reform: Does a Two Model Approach All (Lourdes Sola, University of São Paulo);
  • Democratization After the Crash: Challenges for Global Democratic Deliberation (Laurence Whitehead, University of Oxford).



52th International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention

16-19 March, Montreal, Canada

As part of the pre-activities of the RC, some of its founders promoted the panel "Where is the 'Global' in Global Governance? Perspectives from China, India and Brazil", chaired by Professors Lourdes Sola (University of São Paulo) and Andrew Hurrell (University of Oxford), having as discussant Professor Thomas Biersteker (Graduate Institute, Geneva). The following papers were presented:

  • Global Governance: Clarifying the Debate (Andrew Hurrell, University of Oxford);
  • Deciphering Power Transitions: India and the New World Order (Siddharth Mallavarapu, Jawaharlal Nehru University);
  • Statecrafting Monetary Authority: Central Banking as Global Governance and Beyond (Lourdes Sola, University of São Paulo).